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Meditation works on a single principle - that the mind is the key to your overall health. You can ensure your overall well-being by maintaining your mind in a state of control.

As we have seen, some forms of meditation involve focusing on a particular object (i.e. breathing), others involve nothing more than simply relaxing, and allowing the mind to do whatever it wants to, without the involvement of conscious effort. Generally speaking meditations require that a particular pattern of breathing has to be followed, which we refer to as controlled breathing.

People, who are well versed in the practice of meditation, suggest that meditation is not about finding solutions to a problem, but about changing one’s attitude towards the problem. As no two people are the same, the effects of meditation will differ from one individual to another.

During meditative changes in the breathing pattern, the supply of oxygen to the brain is reduced by 20 percent, thus inducing a state of rest. It is interesting to note that this resting state is something that we do not attain when we sleep; this is because our brain continues to work when we sleep. Scientific studies have also revealed that meditating regularly, can actually alter the way your brain is “wired”, and these alterations in turn helps the individual to tackle a range of health problems, including those we have mentioned above – Stress and Insomnia.

A large number of health problems such as stress, and depression, are caused by underlying factors associated with our mental state. When we successfully treat these factors, using specific meditation techniques for stress, and specific meditation techniques for depression, meditation helps in getting rid of the symptoms of these ailments.

Regular meditation helps in curing a range of ailments. Some recent studies even claim that meditation may be able to help in keeping various ailments, including certain types of cancers, at bay.

The scientific explanation about how meditation works on our mind, and body has helped to change the popular belief that meditation is only associated with religion and spirituality. The scientifically backed health benefits of meditation have even prompted some medical practitioners to advise their patients to practise various, effective, meditation techniques, in order to maintain their overall health. Meditation has turned out to be one of the most effective tools of well-being – one might say that it is a ‘necessity for people’, in this fast paced and stressful world.

© 2014 The School of Natural Health Sciences (MEDITATION, Lesson 1, p. 7).


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